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Fraud Protection for You and Us

Posted by Ray on 7th Apr 2020

Technology has certainly made purchasing much easier. With that convenience, unfortunately comes risk. It has become more and more common for credit cards, or at least their information, to be stolen and used to make fraudulent purchases. Fortunately, most credit card issuers have safe guards in place to protect the card holder from most of the risk, however, what they can't do is immediately make things better. At the very least, you are unable to use your credit card until you get the replacement. Any subscriptions or bills you have set up for automatic payment can also get disrupted.

For retailers, such as us, the risk can also be quite great. It is, unfortunately, very common for people to use a stolen card to make purchases online and a lot of time, the credit card processor's checks don't catch them.

For these reasons, several months ago, we started using a company called Signifyd to help prevent fraudulent charges. Each and every order is thoroughly checked and either approved or declined by them.

It is not always the case, but from time to time, we do get a call from the person whose card was stolen, and they have been very grateful that we were able to catch the charge and void the sale even before their credit card company.

The process is done in the background, so it does not interrupt the order process at all.