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High Inlet Temperature Refrigerated Dryers

High Inlet Temperature Refrigerated Dryers

Sizing a dryer to match up with a compressor is not always the easiest thing. Outside of the volume of air produced by the compressor (CFM), you also need to take into consideration the temperature of the compressed air at the point of entry into the dryer.

Standard dryers typically can handle inlet temperatures of around 100 degrees F, which is good for most rotary screw air compressors. Piston, or reciprocating air compressors, however, exceed that temperature unless there is a separate aftercooler.

To effectively use a standard dryer with a piston air compressor, you would want a dryer that could handle twice the amount of CFM. For example, a 7.5 HP air compressor will produce roughly 25 CFM, you would want a dryer that could handle 50 CFM if using a standard dryer.

High Inlet Temperature or High Temperature dryers can handle inlet air temperatures of 180 degrees F and some even higher. This allows you to size a dryer based on the CFM produced by the compressor without having to oversize it or install it a long way from the compressor.

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