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Tsunami Membrane Dryers

Tsunami Membrane Dryers

Tsunami Membrane dryers are an economical way to achieve clean, dry air without the need for electricity.

  • Low Relative Humidity - Down to .01% RH
  • Great Dew Point Supression - Up to 140 Degrees F Swing
  • Easy, Low-Cost Maintenance
  • Includes Tsunami Water Separator and Oil Coalescing Filter Pre-filtration with Automatic Drains

The molecular makeup of the hollow tubes allows certain gases to pass through the membrane quicker than the desired gas. As compressed air travels through the hollow tubes, water vapor passes through the membrane pores. The water vapor, then collects within the housing until it is removed. A fixed orifice at the bottom of the hollow tunes allows dry air to pass up the housing, around the hollow tubes, to sweep the water vapor out the sweep holes at the top of the housing.

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