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Schulz Refrigerated Air Dryers

Compressed air Dryer

The ADS Schulz line of air dryers was designed to facilitate inspection and maintenance operations. The panels are
easily removable and allow immediate access to internal components. ADS Schulz dryers are equipped with a
quick-disconnected automatic drain valve which does not require any special tools for maintenance and cleaning.


ADS Schulz dryers have excellent performance, even in situations where ambient and inlet temperatures are elevated.


ADS Schulz dryers are designed to match the displacement of the air compressors, consequently, it is not necessary to oversize the dryer, resulting in savings in energy consumption.


The dryer’s operation is monitored by an electronic controller which digitally indicates the temperature and dew point, controls the drain valve through a timer, and the condenser fan through a probe. The refrigerant is circulated through the system using high-efficiency compressors. These compressors have totally new design that brings low levels of power consumption and high dependability.

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