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A Quicker and Easier Way to Finance Your Purchase

A Quicker and Easier Way to Finance Your Purchase

Posted by Ray on 11th Oct 2019 has partnered with Affirm for a quick and easy way to finance your purchase.

How to Qualify

1. Shop to Find What you Need

2. Prequalify by Clicking on the Prequalify Link or Choose "Pay with Affirm" at Checkout

3. will get your order shipped from the factory.

More info on Affirm:

To prequalify, create an account with Affirm using your name, e-mail, mobile phone number, birthday and just the last four digits of your Social Security Number.

Affirm does do a credit check, but it does not affect your credit score. Affirm performs a "soft" credit check simply to help verify your identity and determine your eligibility for financing.

Protecting your information is extremely important to Affirm. Affirm encrypts sensitive data, including your SSN. Affirm also maintains physical, electronic and procefural safeguards to protect your information. Affirm does not sell or rent your information to anyone.

Commercial Leasing Option: still offers commercial leasing through TimePayment. Choose your product, fill out the application and await approval. Once approved, CompressorPros LLC will send an invoice to TimePayment that they use to create the lease documents. TimePayment will work with you on payment terms.

Click Here to go to the TimePayment Lease Application Page.